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I first started using Firepot's products on Aconcagua. I had been struggling to find diary free dehydrated meals that I could eat during the expedition as I knew that diary gave me stomach problems, which is when I stumbled across the firepot vegan range. Damn they were good. I remember sitting in my tent at 6000m waiting to scoff down my next meal, they were just so tasty, easy to eat and digest, which is so essential at altitude. Porcini mushroom risotto - that was my go to! I wish I made a video whilst eating it just so you could see the excitement in my face!

I am now super stocked to try out their new flavors!

Check out their website to see the full range and also check out their story on eco packaging, just another reason why I love this brand.


Camp 3 - Aconcagua

Chilli non carne and rice
Baked apple porridge
vegan orzo bolognese
vegan posh baked beans
porcini mushroom risotto
dal and rice with spinach

Firepot's Vegan Options

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Resilient Nutrition is a unique energy food company - with vegan products. They specialise in nut butters that are easy to eat and perfect for endurance sports like climbing! They are packed full of healthy calories and best of all, they taste soooo good. My personal favourite is the energise dark choco hazelnut. I used it on Everest for an energy boost, mostly in the khumbu ice fall which for me was the hardest section. You can easily carry them in your bag and can be sealed up so dont have to be taken all in one.

Their 'energise' and 'calm' are the vegan friendly options

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