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I am incredibly excited to announce that I have become a BRIT ambassador.

The British Inspiration Trust is an incredible organization which aims to raise awareness on mental health and well-being amongst young adults. 

In today's world we get so easily swept up in the problems and the unavoidable issues that swamp our lives, you turn the news on and its just a cycle of never ending negativity. So what better way to combat this than using sports and activities such as the BRIT 2021 Challenge, which unites university students all over the UK into one big sporting event - promoting a healthy mentality in parallel. 

The BRIT 2021 Challenge is an inclusive feel-good fundraiser to improve mental health and fitness, all whilst raising vital funds to support young adult mental health. Every UK university, college and student union are invited to register to take part, enter teams, and support student and staff participation, both on campus or at home.  

The Challenge is designed to be completed by individuals working as a team to cover the 2,021 mile distance by either hand-cycling, cycling, wheelchair pushing, swimming, walking, jogging, running, rowing or paddling (canoeing, kayaking or paddle-boarding).   

#mentalhealthawareness #BRIT2021challenge 

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RED2BLUE is a concept created by the Gazing group which teaches employees, athletes and even young children the power of how you react to situations in order to work at you optimum under pressure. I am currently undergoing my red2blue coaching to qualify as a red2blue leader and be able to deliver more talks around the world. For more info on this click the Gazing icon!

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