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A Slightly More Rad Quinoa Salad 

Healthy, earthy and just damn good! Sometimes quinoa can be so bland but not this salad...


Quinoa, cashew nuts, butternut squash, apple, with a


curry elderflower dressing


Courgette And Mushroom Salad

First had this dish in Menorca (my second home) at the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to - Clorofil-la. I just had to make my own recipe for it!

Courgette Ribbons, enoki mushrooms, roasted


almonds, vegan butter sauce


Tony's Future Friendly Flapjacks

A tribute to a good friend Tony, who set me through my paces on Scafell Pike at 9 years old and gave me the most delicious homemade flapjack. But this one will be vegan ;)


Forest Conservation Salad

Inspired by Forest and Plate's (restaurant in Kathmandu - Check it out if you're there!) salad. A burst of flavours from a combo of juicy fruits and earthy veg. Sooo yummy. 

Salad leaves, avocado, green beans, almonds, sunflower seeds, grapes, roasted broccoli, cranberry dressing 

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