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  • Adriana Brownlee

Everest/Lhotse Expedition 2021 Training

So the big old question.. How do you train for an 8000m peak? And the even bigger question now, how do you train during lockdown!?

Well quite frankly I have no clue. I just go with what I feel my body needs to do in order to face hours of extreme, almost vertical climbing, at an altitude where oxygen levels are dramatically lower than sea level.

My training consists of around 60% VO2 max training/cardio, 30% resistance training and 10% practicing techniques.

Here's an example of my training schedule...

For me, making sure my VO2 max is as high as possible is a priority, at the end of the day, the more efficiently your body takes in o2 and uses it, the fitter you will be on the mountain. I want to be able to summit and still feel strong. I also believe that mountaineering is a mental sport, you have to have mental resilience by the bucket loads or else you wont succeed. So how do you train that? well luckily for me it seems to come naturally. I know that I have to push myself beyond what my mind tricks me to believe is the limit and its the ability to tap into that, that makes you a successful athlete, no matter what sport you are in. You have to have a drive, a goal, to work towards in order to really find that determination to carry on or else you lose yourself and your path.

Training, especially for climbers is so subjective. Every person will tell you a different thing, this is just my way!

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sushmita gautam
sushmita gautam
Jun 01, 2021

nice blog

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