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K2 Winter Expedition

K2 Winter 2020/21 was an experience like no other. Cold like I had never experienced before, bonds made with my climbing team that will stay with me forever and historical mountaineering events being achieved in front of my eyes. My expedition to K2 was always about putting myself through an extreme environment to test myself both mentally and physically before my Everest+Lhotse expedition. I had the opportunity to climb with the best in the world and gain bucket loads of experience that you only get when you are exposed to the most extreme conditions. We trekked into K2 Basecamp in 4 days, skipping Concordia so that we could reach a more comfortable place sooner and begin rotations. The trek to basecamp itself was incredible, the Karakorum mountains are stunning, especially in winter, every few steps you wanted to stop to just take in the view. After a few days at Basecamp I moved up to Camp 1 (6050m) with Gelje Sherpa. The time I spent actually on K2 was unforgettable, just knowing I was spending a night on one of the most dangerous mountains made me feel electric inside. All I want to do now is make it all the way to the summit of the Savage Mountain. I have made a short video with a few highlights and moments, enjoy!

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